Whenever I see a newsfeed post from Cricinfo on Facebook, it gives me shudders. There’s a reason for that. I have been a cricket devotee all my life. For the past decade or so, since the Internet dawned upon us, I have almost everyday visited Cricinfo, for scorecards, news, opinions, stories, etc. I have to say that visiting Cricinfo has been a delight because the content has always been fresh, sensible and encyclopedic in nature. Only once did I ever notice a typo in Cricinfo (it’s another story that I once applied for a job there in my early 20s and faced an outright rejection). All in all, I revere the cricket portal. What puts me dearly off is the Facebook page content of Cricinfo, which is totally contrasting to the content on the portal.

Here’s a little comparison that I have done:

Content Personality on Cricinfo.com Content Personality on Cricinfo Facebook Page
Focus on core cricket news, opinions, data Focus on fun & slapstic humor.
You can select either a global or country-specific edition Very India-centric


Expert videos, articles Naïve Content
Catering to cricket-lover, followers, brand loyalists Can’f figure out who they are catering to?

From both social media marketing and brand personality view point I see that Cricinfo has behaved on Facebook like most brands try to do – they try to become lighter in nature, more humorous and somewhat ‘jazzy’. The downside is that such brands shred their personality doing that. Cricinfo is one such example. In a flurry to be on Facebook, brands have become like the medium, instead of being what they are. Just because Facebook is casual in nature hardly implies that brands have to ‘compulsively’ entertain. Even Dalai Lama has a page on Facebook, but he acts no Russell Peters.

Having said that, I agree that you need to prune and customize content for a more time-crunched Facebook reader, but you can’t change the face of your brand.

You need to speak the same way, perhaps say more in less!

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