Before I even dare begin, let me confess that I am not the greatest exponent of what I am going to preach about – that is I am not as good a blog marketer as I can/should be. I started blogging to get repeat traffic, content optimization and the fact that I simply enjoy writing. However, a lot can be done if you market your blog well. Here’s a How-to:

a) Content will remain the king – Before you even think of marketing your blog anywhere, even word of mouth, please ensure that the content is well-researched and well-articulated. A user will only return to read if you have made an impression. My tip: use humor. Second tip: Give exclusive information. It does no harm.

b) Get niche – Unfortunately, being jack of all trades doesn’t work online. Carving a niche is the key to attracting relevant and repeat traffic.

c) Get an attractive but SHORT domain name – I know you can get amazingly creative with your blog domain but just think how difficult and time-consuming it to type Use short and easy-to-remember domain names. They help.

d) Do the first things first – What’s basic?

1. Subscription feature on your blog
2. Comments & comment subscription
3. Archive
4. Categorize
5. Search
6. Social Media tools – all of them

e) Do basic marketing first

1. Share the posts on your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter page
2. Spread through word of mouth. Ask friends for feedback. It helps
3. Put the link on your chat window – Gtalk, Windows, Skype, BBM, etc
4. Go an extra mile and socially bookmark your blog posts.
5. Ask your friends to share on social media. Let them know they are helping you.

f) Google Optimize – Don’t forget the search engines while writing. Use words in heading that could be a competitive keyphrase. Also put meta tags for better visibility. Categorize blog posts relevantly to appear in search results.

g) Last but not the least, never let your blog die. 90% of blogs on the Internet are not marketed because they do not exist anymore. Write regularly. Keep up the enthusiasm. You could make an extraordinary intellectual property.

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