Don’t we all remember the time when we used to get up once there was an advSrtisement on the Television in between our favorite TV show or cricket match? Well, gone are the days when we used to hate those interruptions. Now-a-days, there is no single advertisement defining the product to be sold. These days it has become a full-fledged campaign on all the possible channels, be it TV, print, internet or social media, advertising comes in attractive, interesting and sometimes even enigmatic ways and we do enjoy the advertisements, we love the whole thing. That has rendered advertising a major competitive business. Whoever creates the best campaigns and cover all channels, wins.

But most of these advertising campaigns are now interactive, they promote the communication between the company and the customers to attract their attention towards them, and in this process, giving away freebies is a classic and most effective way. Hence, the social media marketing comes in. it not only gives a platform for everyone to interact, but it also registers the reaction of the user which garners even more attention from the general crowd, and in no time it becomes viral.

The engagement on social media has increased many-folds since last year, so did the advertising campaigns all over the world. As we move towards the end of the year, we look back and see a whole pile of advertising campaigns all over the social media. From that huge heap, here we have enlisted 10 best social media campaigns that have rocked the social media in the year 2021, and changed our outlook about the advertisements from ‘interrupting’ to ‘interesting’.

  • Esurance: Esurance made sure that it doesn’t miss any ingredient in the recipe of a successful advertising. First of all huge giveaways, then live record of the reaction of the people who were getting the money, and finally sharing this all on social media channels. When these videos were released in social media channels and they got great response. They became a sensation and induced the feeling of ‘if they can, so can we’ and gathered an amazing amount of engagement. Emotional touch of the videos was remarkable. Like in one ad, a woman was telling that it was exactly right amount for her to free her house from mortgage.


  • Lowe’s:The In-A-Snap campaign of Lowe’s, on Snapchat, garnered a lot of attention from the audience, since it was an easy DIY in which the Hence, the video didn’t do anything, the viewer needed to DIY, the thumb was the tools and by following the arrow, one can chisel, screw, fix, or do anything. It helps in better understanding of how these DIYs will work in real time.No Confusion. The messages are based on the utility of the instructions, and they are presented in an entertaining way.


  • Disney and make-a-wish:make a wish is the organisation granting the sick children their wish. One wish, anything they want, its arranged and paid for by Make-a0wish. Disney joined hands with them and started a campaign called #ShareYourEars in which a person had to share a picture of themselves wearing micky mouse ears and tag the post with #ShareYourEar, and for each post shared on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, Disney donated $5 to Make-a-wish, capped to $ 1million, but it got such a great response that ultimately, Disney ended up giving $ 2 million (double of the upper limit) to recognise the enthusiasm of people for a good cause. Isn’t it such a beautiful thing to do for the children?


  • Jägermeister’s “Secret Party” Snapchat: Jägermeister’s “secret Party was one of the most awaited events, and its marketing was done in three phases. In first phase, the buzz was created by releasing teasers of the secret party and only date was revealed,the other details, like venue, theme of the party and dress-code, were kept under-cover; although, people will be getting hints of it. In second phase, they dropped the hints in many ways, and sometimes the hint photos disappeared after a few seconds. In the third phase they revealed the location and headlines of the party. And sold all the 200 online tickets two weeks before the party, 500 tickets were sold at the venue.

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  • WWF earth hour: cutting electricity for one hour on March 19th was a great idea, just that the advertising was also done keeping in mind that a huge amount of global population in needed to switch off the electricity on the earth hour to make a difference. For this, they provided free wifi to all the underground subway with the tag “use the free wifi to retweet.” Being social outside the home was their tag. Also, this year, they have released a video that started with the narration of an old lady who is telling the viewers that the future is already here and discussing the 2020-80 as the past she has witnessed, the video ends with a powerful message that ‘the future is here and we need to make amends for the earth and its environment right now’ as she shows 2016 and that she is a kid.


  • Tom’s #OneDayWithoutShoes: the famous shoe company Toms started off the campaign with the aim of creating awareness among the commonfolks about the hardship of poor kids in different countries who can’t even afford the shoes. These kids have a long future ahead, but the brightness of it is doubtful. So, everyone was urged in social media channels to spend one day without shoes and try to understand the pain of those kids. Also, for every photo tagged of people without shoes on social media, the company pledged one pair of shoes for the poor children.


  • The Dress: There was a dress about which the whole world debated whether it was blue and black or white and gold, such an insignificant topic, right? But there was one lady who used this already viral topic for the benefit of the abused girls. She made a print ad and put on that dress on a model that was shown severely abused and tagged it as #TheDress. At this point the colour of the dress became irrelevant and what remained was the life story of the abused woman wearing it. This also won them the webby award and created awareness in the whole world against domestic violence and abuse of women.


  • L’Oreal’s golden globe campaign: With the tag #Worthsaying, L’Oreal announced its campaign of saying something worthwhile at golden globes, and not just talking about beauty. L’Oreal’s president, Karen Fondu said at the event, “L’Oréal Paris has always believed in the individual beauty and intrinsic worth of every woman. The #WorthSaying campaign is rooted in the brand’s iconic tagline, ‘Because You’re Worth It,’ and the belief that all women have something worthy to say.” With this, it changed the intellectual standard of women at the golden globes awards, from hot girl in beautiful dress to an intelligent lady who can change the world.

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  • Go pro’s spherical video campaign:This campaign, a little shy of the starting of year 2016, attracted a lot of attention as it was something that users have never experienced before. In the video, a surfer is seen, but the viewers can use their drag and click function to see the 360 degree scene of the place, it was like the viewers have been transported to that world where they could see surfer and everything around that the surfer was seeing. This made an impact on the viewers worldwide and the publicity touched unfathomed heights. It was a grand success on social media channels.

  • National Geographic’s #WanderlustContest: In this the travellers were asked to submit their photographs under different categories and the competition was ended with amazing 56000 photos submitted by photographers across the world. This huge collection of photographsdisplays an array of all the possible landscapes and unimaginable beauty of the bountiful world. The winners were announced and they were given grand prizes. This not only helped building a diverse photo-bank, but also aided in reinforcing the image of Nat Geo as the No. 1 brand with extra-ordinary travel photography.


These advertisements didn’t spare a single detail in their execution and so they turned out to be unimaginably perfect. These advertisements, by getting so much engagement from people on social media channels, reaped such amazing results.

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