Marketing Automation is a term we often get to hear, and it is a significant part of marketing for a business, such as social media marketing, email marketing, or even ad campaigns, to provide a personal experience to the customers. Marketing Automation is the use of software to computerize the marketing activities of an organization, to minimize human involvement, and make the task of marketing quite easy. A combination of strategy and software, Marketing Automation, with its tools, help to build scenarios with useful content and convert the probable viewers into clients.

Every gradation and conception of marketing automation must be assumed before it is put into use. It will help you to highlight and accomplish the marketing tasks in a rationalized and effective way. As a marketer, you must know where and how to spend your time, because according to data by HubSpot, most of the marketers have recounted that, their days are subjugated to a sequence of unavoidable responsibilities.

This causes them to lose around 3.3 weekly hours towards data investigation, assemblage, and organization. Among this, inspecting their emails take around 3.6 weekly hours, which is a significant amount of time to be lost.

Using marketing automation tools does not mean that you are giving the accountabilities to software and you are done with it. That is not the case. You must set the rules for the software to follow and this will help you save the time being spent behind the basic tasks. There are certainly free and certain paid marketing automation tools that you can use for the promotion of the business successfully.

The marketing automation types are:

1.  Advertising and SEO:

Whether you choose to opt for social media marketing as a means of advertising or pay to get your advertisements on newspapers, websites, etc. it is completely up to you. Today, social media marketing has become a trend and is a very economical way to get your business free advertisement.

SEO is another marketing automation tool that commands where your website has performed when plausible clienteles search for it.

2.  Analytics and Reporting:

Do you want to know how many people have checked your email, opened them, clicked on the link and the amount of traffic have you been able to create on the website? Marketing Automation tool can help you out. You can use analytics and reporting as a tool, which includes Return on Investment (ROI), lead funnels, and conversion rates.

If you feel that your analytics is going in the wrong direction, then it is never too late to bring the business back on track with the help of marketing automation tools.

3.  Social Media:

One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to publicize your business is through social media platforms. To be successful, a business has to have a vigorous social media attendance in the present economy. However, it can become a time-consuming process to navigate the complete social media platform, and the marketing team may not be the cheeriest about slashing through it during their day.

To overcome this, social media automation is a process that will break the barrier. Social listening, direct message boundaries, programmed social media placements, are a few of the procedures, which enable a business to have a positive social media presence without having to consecrate extra time and effort to it.

4.  Email Marketing:

It is one of the best forms of marketing for today’s generation. It is said that hard work brings good results and if they find an email attractive, every drop of sweat put into it, makes it successful. With proper content and mobile optimization for sending emails and follow-ups everywhere, batch emails, segmented emails, automated email sending, automated form creation, everything becomes an easy task and makes the lives of the clienteles easier.

There are certain paid tools, which you should try out, to be able to streamline the marketing functions of your business:

1.  What do you need, when you have HubSpot?

HubSpot, an incoming marketing tool, has the objective of spinning outbound leads into inbound leads for your business. Looking for Content Marketing? HubSpot is the best option that you have. The basic pricing of the website is $200 a month for 100 contacts, but if you pay a pro-pricing of $800 per month, then you get 1000 contacts and it is known as the most popular option. The enterprise pricing is at $2400 per month for 10,000 contacts and is comprehensive of custom-event reporting, revenue reporting, predictive-lead sorting, and company reporting, as well as event-based segmentation. Not all this is included in the basic and pro-pricing elements of the website.

2.  Pardot! Could you please help me out?

A salesforce company, Pardot is a marketing automation collection that is perfect for increasing your business income. Trying to shorten the sales cycle? Try Pardot. It’s standard pricing is at $1000 per month, which has a range of email marketing, lead nurturing, in-depth prospect tracking, and grading. ROI and forms are also included, along with CRM integration. The Pro-pricing is at $2000 per month, inclusive of standard features and email and spam analytics, and email-rendering preview. The Ultimate pricing is at $3000 per month, and it allows to you have API access for up to 1,00,000 calls per day.

3.  Omnisend! Worth the look!

One of the best comprehensive tools, it is known for its Omni-channel functionality, that is, you can add more than one channel in the same automation workflow, whether it is email, SMS, push notification, or more. It includes a free plan for basic email marketing and has additional pricing for automation, which ranges from $16 a month to custom enterprise pricing, depending on the features and the number of contacts.

4.  Marketo. The king of the market!

The organization asserts to offer marketing automation casing any type of channel and engagement. Having been attained by Adobe, Marketo has only burgeoned the number of tasks, which it earlier had. The full-feature software by Marketo can handle every maneuver, from digital advertising to social media marketing, which makes it a good option for marketers.

5.  Mailchimp. The place to get your ideas into words.

It is in the process of becoming a full-grown marketing automation tool from just an email-marketing tool. It is one of the original email marketing tools, which has turned the experience into a hard-rock tool; they have become capable of marketing automation, which is just like a zephyr to use. It provides a range of options, depending on the features and number of contacts from $14.99 – $299 per month.

6.! The place to get the best subscription based-business. and its email automation is everything about the customers and their commitment through their customer lifecycle. They have huge incorporations to make it easy for the customers, smokestack data from different types of technology mass, and then transmute it into augmented subdivisions and email campaigns, which reverberate. It ranges from $150 to $1000+ per month, depending on the features chosen and the support.

The free marketing automation tools, which can be used to save yourself from the high-priced encounters are:

1.  Nothing works as Drip does!

It offers a full range of email and multichannel automated marketing tools. The free marketing tool by Drip includes email builders, automation workflows, and mass email marketing campaigns. In addition to this, it also offers personalization and tracking tools, which help marketers to bring relevant content to their websites. It provides unlimited emails, with up to 100 subscribers.

2.  Zoho Campaigns is all you need.

It is a marketing automation tool, which helps its users with email marketing solutions. It is a forever-free solution for its users, where they are allowed to send up to 12000 emails a month with 2000 subscribers. This is one aspect of Zoho, which cannot be ignored by its users, as it will provide them with the assistance of marketing automation, before somersaulting in and obligating to a compensated pricing plan. It provides its users with mailing list management, email marketing, and most noticeably, one social network user account.

3.  SendinBlue, the option for beginning with marketing automation.

It is similar to Zoho campaigns; it is the best option for users just beginning with marketing automation processes. It has a free plan, which allows 300 emails per day and phone and email marketing to help you begin your journey. It gives you access to unlimited contacts, real-time reporting, transactional emails, API access, sign-up forms, and mobile-friendly, and HTML design tools.

4.  Make your business beat with Sendpulse:

It is a great marketing automation software, which is known among email marketers. The free version of Sendpulse gives you up to 2,500 subscribers and gives you access to A/B testing for all your email marketing campaigns. Did you know? You can also upgrade to choosing the option of multiple automation channels, such as automated SMS web push notifications. Email templates are also included in the free version of Sendpulse.

5.  We are good! VBOUT you?

Want more than just email marketing? VBOUT has you on this. Apart from automation tools, VBOUT also offers A/B testing, email marketing, lead management, social media management, along automation analytics. It has a 14-day free trial, in which you have access to unlimited contacts, social media profiles, landing pages, automation, up to 5,00,000 emails per month, and authoritative marketing automation and analytics.  

Whether you are figuring out which type of marketing automation tool to choose, or mapping out your next email campaign, the above-mentioned software can help you more easily. However, make sure to evaluate every business need and try to take advantage of the free automation tools readily available in the market.   

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