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Branding With Bodyguard!

Though I have nothing home two write about Bodyguard the disaster, I could not help noticing a few brand associations in the first half of the film (I left after the first half). The first brand that comes to your… Continue Reading →

Where’s Twitter Going?

I’m not a regular on Twitter, and have hardly endorsed it as a marketing medium for my clients even though we heavily work towards community building on Facebook and promoting content on YouTube and blogs. Even on personal front, though… Continue Reading →

The Tree of Apple

Now that newspapers and magazines are replete with Steve Jobs story, I felt that I too within me had something to share. For me, Steve Jobs initially stood more than a CEO of Apple or one of the greatest innovators… Continue Reading →

On a comeback trail…Airtel

Bharti Airtel marketing initiatives always seem to catch attention for the simple reason that Bharti is one of the biggest spenders on advertising in the domestic circuit. For Airtel, their marketing campaigns now are better and more closely watched than… Continue Reading →

When Government goes Social

I was driving down from Dhaula Kuan towards Naraina yesterday when I noticed a large outdoor hoarding that promoted the Facebook page of Delhi Traffic Police. It is another story that the creative was poorly designed and it appeared to… Continue Reading →

Take a Dig to go Big

After the much-hyped UB ad that teased the rival Seagram’s and invited a lawsuit from Harbhajan Singh forcing the brand to withdraw the controversial ‘Make it Large’ spoof ad, it is now our indigenous mobile player Micromax Mobile to go the… Continue Reading →

Built To Last, and from scratch

I took long time reading through Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Comapnies, a gem from Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. Built to Last is a brilliant research study that companies visionary companies with comparison companies. The likes of… Continue Reading →

Getting Integrated into Integration

Coming from an agency, it is natural for me to be questioning the seriousness and intent of a brand manager when they are talking about digital marketing. You see, online marketing has always been the poor cousin of traditional marketing… Continue Reading →

The Social Experiment…

It’s not every day that I make two pitches for social media marketing in another city. But yesterday was such a day. In Mumbai, I met totally two different kinds of brands, one a financial institution and another, a fashion… Continue Reading →

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