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Best SEO Tools: Free and Paid

Measuring performance for specific keywords and then optimizing content/design of web pages for ranking better is, simply put, the description of what SEO-ers do.

Want data to understand your competitor’s audience? Get the SEO to pull some data.

Creating a growth strategy pitch for one of the recent leads? Ask your SEO for a smoking gun.

Want to know why sales have dipped a bit for a particular product on an e-commerce platform? You should definitely the SEO now!

All this, and more, is done by SEO professionals a zillion times every year. Making them the data moguls for marketing.

Apart from spectacular competence and years of experience of working with no-one-gets-it search algorithms, there is another important component – the SEO tools.

Latest Content Marketing Technologies to Adopt in 2019

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There’s no bigger Mc

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