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Harsh is a digital marketer, professional copywriter, and an entrepreneur at Markigence, a digital marketing agency.

Top 10 Healthtech Apps in India

Technology has completely changed the way we perceive the healthcare industry today. With the Corona pandemic halting all services around the world, a substantial number of healthcare businesses were forced to move online, giving rise to healthtech apps services.  This… Continue Reading →

Best Marketing Automation Tools (Free and Paid)

Marketing Automation is a term we often get to hear, and it is a significant part of marketing for a business, such as social media marketing, email marketing, or even ad campaigns, to provide a personal experience to the customers…. Continue Reading →

Colleges and the government are warming up to E-Learning as a means to keep the fires of education burning

COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world. Every industry has been impacted by it, and the education industry is no exception. Schools and colleges are closed to halt the spread of the pandemic. However, despite such institutions being closed, learning… Continue Reading →

Where has the Polo-Cam Gone ?

 (searchengine journal.) Instagram, as we know, is a hugely popular website/app for photo sharing. Its popularity has risen so much that in last 3 years it has grown in leaps and bounds- being listed as the 21st most popular website… Continue Reading →

Tanishq fails to Tango!

Ok, now you rope in a Bollywood superstar along with his yesteryears and still respected wife. We know you are a mega budget brand. After all you sell, women’s best friend, diamonds. We love seeing AB in films and ads… Continue Reading →

Brand Un-brand!

Why is Volkswagen better than Tata Motors? Why is Colgate better than Babool? Why is Kellogg’s better than Mohan’s? It is not a co-incidence that foreign brands have higher equity when compared with Indian or Asian brands. The reason is… Continue Reading →

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