Ok, SEO is always changing, always evolving, and you just don’t know when Google is going to throw up another surprise with a new update. The only way to crack this is to stay updated, and the best way to do that is to follow these SEO consultants or gurus. They are widely available on YouTube, Facebook and if you subscribe to them, you would get enough Gyan in inbox every day (they are aggressive with email marketing!)

1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is arguably the most popular of all. In his own words, he wanted to pick up a job in the early years which could pay him a six-figure salary, but realized he did not have either a degree or experience! So, he just started his own business. Easy, no! Well, he made terrific online sales using SEO and Google Adwords, and one thing led to another. Today, he is the world’s leading SEO consultant and runs two successful ventures in HelloBar and CrazyEgg.

Neil Patel is very active on his blog and website neilpatel.com. You can subscribe to his blog and be ready to receive a piece of SEO gyan every day. Also, his blog is readily equipped with SEO advice for both beginners and advanced level. You can also watch his interviews and talks on YouTube.

Areas of Expertise: Holistic SEO, on-page techniques, off-page ideas, generating traffic on the website.

2. Brian Dean

Brian Dean
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Brian Dean is a backlink expert, as is obvious from the name of his company and blog backlinko.com. Brian Dean would advise to both beginners and advanced level SEO personnel, but I personally feel that he is most suited to advanced level or intermediate. His tips are practical and he will slam you with lots of examples and case studies. Most of them would be successful, giving you loads of ideas. Dean is active on YouTube through his channel and has an excellent blog on bakclinko.com. One of my favorite blog posts is where he lists and exhaustive inventory of SEO tools. You can use filters such as Paid, Free, On-Page, Technical and more to find the right fit.

Areas of Expertise: Generating backlinks, SEO tutorials, SEO Case Studies  

3. Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner SEO consultant
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Chase Reiner is largely a YouTube creator whose YouTube channel is replete with SEO tutorials (try searching ‘SEO tutorial 2017’ on YouTube). He also happens to run a visually-average blog (as I said he is largely a hero on YouTube). Unlike Neil Patel and Brian Davis, you will find his personality a bit subdued in his videos. He will often give out tutorials focusing on his computer screen with a small shot of himself on the bottom right.

Chase is very succinct, doesn’t mince words, and would give out practical tips for SEO. His target audience is both beginners and experienced SEO personnel. You will also seldom see him speaking on social media.

Areas of Expertise: SEO tutorials, local SEO, Social Media, SEO Q&As

4. Josh Bachynski

Josh Bhakshi
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If you like a little of humor and vivacity in videos, Josh is your guy. On his YouTube channel, you will witness a long queue of White Hat vs Black Hat SEO. Yes! He is a bit obsessed about it. Most of his videos are uncannily long and lack the examples and case studies that other YouTubers often bank on. Having said that, he knows his stuff well.

Areas of Expertise: White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, Technical SEO, SEO 2017

Apart from following these top SEO Gurus, if you want your website to shoot high on SERPs, hire a world-class SEO Company.

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