Mobile devices have perceptibly become an indispensable part of our lives. We thrive on so many trivial forms of entertainment and pastime using mobiles. Researchers have unalterably declared that the use of mobile devices will trump the use of laptops, desktops or any other form of device usage within the next year.

Mobile Marketing

Marketers in general, have smartly inculcated numerous strategies for large-scale marketing of their company’s services, among which mobile marketing has proven to be the most efficient and easily achievable.

Considering the unbelievably excessive use of mobile devices in this generation, one can make a substantial impact in the field of mobile marketing with the right tools and ideas. The basic guidelines to follow, in order to produce a sound impact in mobile marketing, are given below.

  1. Know in depth what mobile marketing is

Before deducing strategies to benefit from able fruitions of mobile marketing, one must understand how it works and how it should be done to make it significantly reach people. It involves selective targeting of users and enticing them to get familiar with the explicit features that the site offers and consequently involving them as customers in its services.

The expansion of mobile usage and popularity has also resulted in the development of new strategies in mobile marketing such as Geofencing, push notifications and others. As the usage of mobile devices for day to day purposes increases, more and more resourceful strategies tend to emerge out and enhance the marketing standards of the marketers.

  1. Familiarise with need of mobile marketing

Mobile phone usage has marginally topped desktop usage over the years. 25% of Internet users operate entirely using mobile phones and the remaining 75% use mobiles for more than half of their browsing period, on an average. This necessitates marketing of business services through mobile devices as a medium to influence a significant section of people at an effective rate.

Mobile Marketing

Researchers conclude that more than almost 95% of random searches are carried out in mobile phones, which is a rather significant portion of people to reach out through mobile marketing.

  1. Learn types of mobile marketing strategy

To know what kind of strategy one must use for their business forms the basis of mobile marketing at the beginner’s level. There are numerous types of mobile marketing like location-based, app-based, mobile search ads, mobile image ads, in-game and SMS based.

Each technique must be devised and deployed as per the customer requirement and profit expectation of the business.

  1. Understanding the audience

One must possess a clear idea about the subject of the influence of their marketing techniques, and the nature of customers expected. This will help them develop proper promotion programmes and marketing strategies as per the expected personas of the customers.

Mobile Marketing

Their jobs, goals, background description, content choices and other aspects of the customers that could influence the standards of the campaign are taken into play. This will effectively reduce the cost of the campaign and helps them to focus more on the characteristics of the targeted persona of the users.

  1. Set goals and work towards them

The next prominent step towards achieving a sound marketing strategy is to know what is expected of one. One must know the current state of reach of their business and must set a point of a goal to expand it to a notable extent. Also, the methods of enhancing such an expected strategy must be pondered over and jotted down.

One must have an idea of how to increase air traffic and popularity of the website in which they’ve placed the ad, which consequently improves sales for the business service.

  1. Make use of ad extensions

Ad extensions play a very important role in mobile marketing. Their function is to direct the user to a particular web page that consists of the ad placed by the marketer. Various factors come into play that improve the effectiveness of the extension for the marketer.

  • It must direct the user to the desired ad page without interferences.
  • Preferably, there should be a call button at the bottom of the extension.
  • To increase the time of lingering of a user on the ad page, promotional offers can be described in the ad extension itself.
  1. Research and Analysis

Mere knowledge of users and customers alone is not enough to bring out the desired reach. One must study various marketing techniques that have been deployed by various other business groups, and know the success and failure rates of each prospect. Also, the ad that is placed should be able to influence the type of audience that is being targeted.

It is advisable to start with local searches and then expand to more websites and ad extensions. One must always be ready to experiment with new strategies and plans to improve their ideas of mobile marketing.

  1. Choice of websites

The more easily accessible a website is, the more likely it is for a user to come across the ad on the website. In addition to accessibility, the website must be mobile-friendly and safe.

If the page starts displaying a string of ads over and over, the user is very likely to get annoyed and leave the site. Also, the website must present an appealing look for mobile view and must display the apt amount of visual information.

Relevance and loading time of the site also play a key factor in influencing the mindset of the users, most of whom immediately switch to another site if they don’t find what they seek in that particular website.

  1. Knowledge of marketing tools

Although it is common practice to place ads on web pages or websites, companies that aim to expand their reach much further focus on involving their marketing strategies in numerous apps and on social media too. To have a basic knowledge about the tools that are respectively required to create ads on respective platforms is a must.

For ads to be displayed on social media, mobile apps and search websites, different tools must be used to draft visually attractive ads respectively. It is imperative for a marketer to pertinently make use of suitable tools for ultimately obtaining the maximum benefits out of these ads.

  1. Monitoring statistics

To study the performance of the campaign, it is necessary to maintain and monitor the web traffic of the particular website. Maintaining all these will help in deducing the quality of web traffic and tells the marketer which website receives the maximum traffic and helps to suitably decide the distribution of ads. It also tells how well the ad influences the users and tells the marketer which sites must be focussed on more.

Mobile marketing is a prominently growing and widely spreading form of digital marketing. Even the most recently up-brought companies effectuate their reach by mobile marketing. This is the most sophisticated, technology-driven yet the easiest form of mass marketing that places the marketer at a position of ease, unlike other forms of marketing which involve them to directly bear access to the prospects of customers.

The aforementioned techniques act in the favour of a beginner to get into the mobile marketing world, but in order to get into the line of work, more structured and experienced courses can be undertaken to tune such skills in the area.

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