While traditional media has been at the helm for years, giving returns to the brand owners with extensive brand and advertising, digital PR is a new phenomenon and largely unorganised. Unlike its traditional peer, digital PR is a measurable medium that requires engagement with bloggers and influencers to promote a product, service or a brand.

As a digital PR agency, we undertake cautious steps in delivering optimum PR services:
  • Step 1
Analysing your brand positioning, strategy and targeting 
  • Step 2 
Understanding the budgets and objectives 
  • Step 3 
Measuring the outreach of the program 
  • Step 4 
Strategic planning that encapsulates penetration across social channels 
  • Step 5 
Real time measurement through tools such as Moz/Goole Analytics
  • Step 6 
Reporting & Analysis. RoI in case of direct marketing